Raspberry & almond cake

I think this recipe was originally passed on to my dad by my aunty, but I always think of it as dad’s cake, because he’s absolutely obsessed with it! It’s the one (and only) cake I remember him baking time and time again when I was a child. As I got older and started baking myself, it quickly became a bit of a tradition in our household that we’d have it on his birthday, Father’s Day, and to be honest a lot of times for no reason other than the fact we were craving it!

I’ve made it so many times now that the recipe is engrained in my brain, but I love the fact that if I do ever need to reference it, it’s jotted down in my dad’s messy hand-writing in a scuffed up, butter-stained old recipe book that he’s had for about as long as I’ve been alive! (I’ve included a pic at the bottom of the recipe)

In the book, he calls it a ‘cake (pudding)’ because it’s a bit of a hybrid – the top and outer edges cook to the consistency of a sponge, but the very centre always remains a bit gooey and pudding-like, because of the moisture of the raspberries. So don’t be alarmed if it seems verging on under-baked right in the middle – that’s what makes it so delicious!

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