Pulled mushroom tacos with quick corn salsa

Although my black bean & chorizo tacos are a staple at home, I generally try to cook meat-free meals during the week, so I wanted to create an easy, yet satisfying vegetarian taco recipe that people will want to go back to time and time again. Enter my ‘pulled’ portobello mushroom tacos with a super easy, five-ingredient sweetcorn salsa (it uses tinned sweetcorn to save time but, if you want to make it more special, it would work excellently with barbecued or griddled fresh corn). The best bit? The whole meal can be ready in 30 minutes.

I’ve seen several recipes making tacos with shredded or ‘pulled’ oyster mushrooms as a vegan alternative to pulled pork, but as oyster mushrooms still aren’t easily available in all major supermarkets, I decided to use portobello mushrooms instead (inspired by my recipe writer pal Elena Silcock who once did something similar).

P.s – this is vegan-friendly if you omit the feta.

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The best homemade salsa

salsa in blender

I LOVE making salsa as it’s so easy (just chuck it all in a food processor) and it tastes so fresh and zingy. In fact, as a teen, I used to come home from school and make a batch of this salsa then sit, watching Ready Steady Cook, eating big scoops of it with salted tortilla chips. It felt like a ‘healthy’ snack (if you ignore the tortilla chips..) because it’s made with loads of fresh fruit & veg.

Now, I never make tacos, nachos or any kind of Mexican meal without it! Shop-bought salsa is a no from me hun.

N.B – This recipe is similar to a Mexican pico de gallo salsa, but that would typically include fresh jalepeño chilli rather than ground spices. Personally, I don’t usually put fresh chilli in it as I don’t always have it on hand and I find there’s enough flavour with just the below recipe. However, if you’re a chilli-lover, you could add half a chopped fresh chilli into the mix.

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