Roasted broccoli with romesco & feta

I once had an epic sandwich at the Dusty Knuckle (my fav sandwich spot in London), which combined roasted broccoli, romesco and feta in their fluffy focaccia. It was heavenly.

I find that the combination of the sweet but slightly acidic, garlicky and slightly smoky red pepper romesco sauce pairs beautifully with salty feta and charred broccoli, so it’s something I now eat together a lot.

This recipe doesn’t make loads but is very easily doubled. But with these quantities, here’s what I like to do with it..

Serving suggestions:

  1. Have as it is for a light lunch (or with bread to mop up the romesco)
  2. Serve as a side (double if cooking for four) – it’s great with a roast or accompaniment to white fish (with or without the feta)
  3. Use in a sandwich à la Dusty Knuckle by slathering the romesco sauce onto focaccia, then adding the roasted broccoli, feta and some toasted almonds – DELICIOUS.
  4. Make it into more of a substantial salad by tossing the broccoli with a cooked grain like cous-cous or quinoa (adding an extra squeeze of lemon juice and olive oil), then dot the romesco, almonds and feta over the top to finish
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