Roasted asparagus & new potato salad with feta yogurt

‘Tis the season! The British asparagus season that is. For me, seeing asparagus in the greengrocers and on restaurant menus is one of the exciting, hopeful signs that summer is on its way (the season runs from late April- June). I was kindly sent a few bunches by the British Asparagus team this week, so I decided to make this recipe, mainly because I had feta in the fridge and thought it would be a good idea. Turns out, it was.

A quick note about the preserved lemon – you don’t necessarily need to buy it especially for this recipe if you don’t think you’ll use it in anything else (because only a very small amount is needed), BUT if you do happen to have some in the fridge, then I highly recommend it as I think it works amazingly with the feta. I use these ones, from Belazu.

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