The best homemade salsa

salsa in blender

I LOVE making salsa as it’s so easy (just chuck it all in a food processor) and it tastes so fresh and zingy. In fact, as a teen, I used to come home from school and make a batch of this salsa then sit, watching Ready Steady Cook, eating big scoops of it with salted tortilla chips. It felt like a ‘healthy’ snack (if you ignore the tortilla chips..) because it’s made with loads of fresh fruit & veg.

Now, I never make tacos, nachos or any kind of Mexican meal without it! Shop-bought salsa is a no from me hun.

N.B – This recipe is similar to a Mexican pico de gallo salsa, but that would typically include fresh jalepeño chilli rather than ground spices. Personally, I don’t usually put fresh chilli in it as I don’t always have it on hand and I find there’s enough flavour with just the below recipe. However, if you’re a chilli-lover, you could add half a chopped fresh chilli into the mix.

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