Warm goat’s cheese salad with shallot vinaigrette

I don’t want to be that kind of w*nker that tells everyone that they spent their year abroad in France, but what can I say, I am that w*nker. I’m a HUGE France fan – its language, its culture and its food. I even have a degree in it (oo la la, right?) And, for me, no trip to France is complete without eating a salade de chevre chaud aka a warm goat’s cheese salad.

This absolute classic is on the menu at pretty much every French restaurant/bistro out there and it’s one of the very few salads I make regularly. It’s SO simple but very effective, mainly because cheese-on-bread, you know?

This recipe is for one person as it’s the kind of thing you make yourself for lunch or a light dinner, but it’s very easily doubled.

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Instant berry fro-yo

fro yo

My absolute go-to when the weather is HOT. This isn’t really a recipe, it’s 3 ingredients blended together. But I thought I’d write it down for anyone who likes the safety of a recipe to follow (and especially for those of you who just want to make one portion for yourself rather than a big batch!)

If you’re after a refreshing, summery dessert/snack to enjoy in the sunshine then this is the one. Takes less than 5 minutes to make and even less than that to devour.

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