‘Nduja, mascarpone & lemon tagliatelle

This recipe is modelled on one of my all-time favourite pasta dishes at one of my all-time favourite restaurants, Padella ❤️

Alongside Padella’s ever brilliant pici cacio e pepe (my number one must-order dish there, as I’m sure it is for many), I also adore their ‘nduja, mascarpone & lemon fettucine – it’s spicy, garlicky, creamy, lemony and extremely satisfying. Ever since I first tried it, I’ve been making my own version of it at home.

I’m not claiming to have cracked Padella’s recipe, my version is different – I like to add cherry tomatoes for a bit of extra flavour, moisture and additional texture and obviously I don’t make my pasta from scratch because I’m far too lazy.

For anyone who doesn’t already know, n’duja is a soft spicy sausage (which comes in a kind of soft paste) from Calabria in Italy and its goddamn delicious – adds A LOT of flavour without being overly ‘meaty’. It can be a bit of a pain to get hold of but Waitrose sells it (in a jar), as do specialist online ingredient sites like Sous Chef or try your local deli.

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Easy aubergine & green bean stir-fry

aubergine green bean


This is a really easy, vegetarian stir-fry which is quick to throw together. I love this recipe because the simple, three-ingredient combination of soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and honey creates a delicious sweet-salty-sour situation which soaks right into the soft aubergine. I like to add extra chilli and another drizzle of soy at the end but you can amend to your taste.

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Courgette & goat’s cheese pasta 

courgette goat oasta

‘Tis the season for courgettes so here’s another really easy recipe to make the most of them. It only uses six ingredients (well, seven if you count the olive oil) and they’re all really easy to get hold of. Plus, it takes less than 15 minutes from start to finish so a great one for when you want dinner FAST.

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