About me

me and pie 1I’m Anna Lawson.

I’m a London-based food writer and content creator. I was a writer for BBC Good Food and olive magazine for seven years, and now work as a writer and content creator for Carousel restaurant. This means I spend my life cooking, eating, researching, photographing, writing about and talking about food. For that reason, I’m often asked by friends and family for my restaurant recommendations, recipes, favourite ingredients and cooking gadgets, so I decided to write them all down in one place.

What to expect from my recipes

I adore food and love big, bold flavours but I won’t lie, I’m a tad lazy. What I mean is, I’ve never been one to slave away over a hot stove for hours, or bake bread from scratch. Usually, what I want is big flavours, fast. And so the recipes you’ll find here are exactly what I like to cook for myself: simple yet flavourful recipes which are fairly quick to prepare and made with with generally easy-to-find ingredients – perfect for anyone who loves food, but lacks time.

P.s All photos are taken by me on my iPhone and all opinions and recipes are my own.


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