Three ice-creams I’m loving right now

chioc ice cream

Sun’s out again (although judging by how changeable the weather is at the moment, it will probably be raining by the time I finish this post)! So, I thought I’d take a minute to shout about some of the ice-creams I’ve been enjoying this summer. In case, you want to try them too..

3 ice-creams I’m loving right now…

hackney gelato

Hackney Gelato – Butterscotch (and dark chocolate sorbetto)

I’ve tried two different ice-creams by Hackney Gelato and they are both EXCELLENT.

Their dark chocolate sorbetto is vegan but still tastes creamy-smooth, and has the most intense, rich, dark chocolate flavour. So good. (But I forgot to take a picture).

As for the butterscotch, it’s heavenly. Really creamy and seriously smooth with deep, toffee-like notes of muscovado sugar, balanced by a delicious saltiness.

Buy from Ocado (£5.49), and find it in various cafes across London

santo domingo

Waitrose No 1 – Santo Domingo chocolate ice-cream

I picked this up after a recommendation from a colleague, and now I want to keep sharing the love because, for an own-brand supermarket ice-cream, this stuff is really impressive.

It’s insanely silky-smooth, soft and creamy. In fact, if you have the patience, leave it out of the freezer for 5-10 minutes and it’s even silkier. The chocolate flavour isn’t as rich and dark as the sorbetto above, but it’s still nice and chocolatey, and isn’t synthetic tasting or sickly sweet like so many supermarket chocolate ice-creams are.

I’ve got through several tubs of this throughout lockdown (which, for someone who doesn’t usually eat ice-cream, is a pretty big deal).

Buy from Waitrose (£3.69)

booja booja

Booja Booja – Caramel pecan praline

This is a vegan ice-cream so we can forgive it for not being creamy (I mean, it’s literally made from a base of cashew nuts and water – madness!) but I’ve still always found it absolutely addictively delicious. Why? Because the base caramel/vanilla ice-cream is swirled through with a salty-sweet, crunchy-soft, caramelised pecan praline which tastes SO good, a bit like the filling of a really good pecan pie. I can’t get enough.

Buy from Waitrose (£5.49) and Ocado, and various health food stores.


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